Obadiah J Dalrymple

Minister and Author


Book of Obadiah

The name Obadiah comes from a small, and often ignored, book of the Bible.  While the message of the book of Obadiah is largely about doom and gloom, the name Obadiah simply means servant of the Lord.


Since my name, Obadiah J. Dalrymple, is comprised of most of the letters of the alphabet, I go by “Obie” for short.  I am a former US Air Force communication technician.  After serving four years in the Air Force, I continued to work as a civilian contractor for the AF while attending Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary online.  Upon graduating with a Master’s degree in Religious Education, I left the government contracting world and entered full time ministry.  God has blessed me with a wonderful wife and kids, and a loving church.

I hope you enjoy this site, and even more, I hope you find it useful in your growth as a follower of Jesus Christ.

God Bless,




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